(It’s really hard to do asks because all I get is mostly really boring or odd questions.)


I made you a tutorial.

(the magical moment of 5 A.M where you start doing questionable things.)

I had an artblock but hopefully its over now..

Eh yeah reblogging this randomly since I think it still matters and at least fits to the askblog’s theme. I hope I can do some ask tomorrow or later this week :’>

Good night everyone~

After running this blog for a while now I realized how much I sometimes want to answer out-of-character and mess around with stupid replies. So the idea for this askblog came up.

Forgottenart and Fayren will join me with this project and provide answers too, whenever they have time and feel like it. (in the future other ppl might join as well :’>) Prepare for half assed art and not really serious stuff.