This is how I want to thank you guys for sticking around. I really enjoy doing this blog and wasn’t even aware that this many people on tumblr were into TFs!

The winner will get an 18x11 inch print of Starscream signed by me with a silver marker and one Starscream phone charm (The two lovely toy assistants who helped me showing the prizes are NOT included)

You are welcomed to visit my shop if you want to buy these or other items from me!

As a way to increase the chances of one of my followers winning the giveaway rather from someone who doesn’t follow this askblog, I ask that you please refrain from reblogging this. However, if someone who doesn’t follow the blog, wins, that’s perfectly fine.

If you want to participate here are the


- only likes count

- reblogs will be disqualified, if I pick a winner and it’s a reblog then I simply have to pick again

- have your ask open so I can contact you if you win

- I ship worldwide

- winner will be chosen with a random generator

- Ends Saturday 9th June  00:00 Am GMT +2:00

Have fun and thank you again I hope you can enjoy this ask blog in the future as well!